• Sydney Gay  & Lesbian Mardi Gras – Museum of Love & Protest
  • Bloomberg – Trans Day of Visibilty.
  • Trans Sydney Pride – Inaugural Trans Day of Remembrance Candlelight Vigil  – Taylor Square, 2016 – Producer.
  • Trans Sydney Pride – Trans Stories, a Celebration 2017, opening story.
  • Trans Sydney Pride – How to Successfully Transition in Business 2016 – Producer.
  • ACON – Anti Violence Advisory Council.
  • Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras – Queer Thinking.
  • The Gender Centre – Transgender Day of Remembrance at Harmony Park Organising Committee 2016.
  • Education NSW.
  • Sydney Pride Festival 2016.
  • Sydney Pride Festival 2017.
  • SameSame / Nandos – Trans Equality Employment Campaign 2017.
  • FBI Radio.
  • 2RRR Community Radio.
  • Heaps Gay – Trans Day of Visibility Campaign 2017.
  • Headspace Wollongong – Wollongong Parents of Trans Children Support Group 2017.
  • Star Observer – contributor.
  • The Gender Centre – Transgender Day of Remembrance at Harmony Park Organising Committee 2018
  • Mind The Gap 2.0.- Guest Panelist speaking on feminism and gender intersectionality in today’s society – by special request of the student body of a Girls’ Grammar School.
  • Wear It Purple Day 2018  – Guest speaker to a senior school assembly.
  • ING Bank – Wear It Purple Day 2018, guest speaker.
  • Citi Bank – Wear It Purple Day 2018, guest speaker.
  • Joy FM Radio – guest on Gender Agenda.
  • The Gender Centre Ambassador 2018
  • Royal Bank of Canada – Trans Awareness Week 2018
  • Trans Day of Remembrance 2019
  • Pride In Practice 2018 for The Star Entertainment Group
  • Leitis In Waiting – Mardi Gras Film Festival 2019
Trans Day of Remembrance 2018 – image curtesy Ann-Marie Callahana for Star Observer.


“Katherine is one of Australia’s foremost speakers on transgender lives and rights, with extensive knowledge of the lives experiences of transgender people. At a time when LGBTQI issues are in the spotlight and there’s new awareness of gender diversity, Katherine can be a wonderful, warm, knowledgeable and welcoming guide to any organisation willing to learn more about transgender people. She’s a great addition to any panel or project about diversity. We were very proud and happy to work with her during Mardi Gras 2017 and 2018. I don’t hesitate to recommend Katherine and I am happy to be contacted for any further information.”-Matt Akerston,  Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

“Dear Katherine

I am not sure if remember me from Citi’s Wear it Purple event; however, I am the executive sponsor of the Pride Network. I was relaying the event to a personal friend and the impact you had on both myself and the team.”

Speaking in Melbourne at Pride In Practice on a panel discussing Intersectionality for The Star Entertainment Group. December 2018.
Presenting partner and host of the Australian Premiere of Leitis In Waiting including hosting Q&A after the documentary.

“Dear Katherine,

Thank you so much for coming to SCEGGS and sharing your thoughts on feminism and gender issues with such generosity and grace.

You’re a fantastic role model for our young women.

It was lovely to meet you.

Warm regards”

Mind The Gap 2.0 Panel hosted by SCEGGS with Andrea Dubach, Alexandra Shehadie, and Teela Reid

“I did not see a future for my child, but now I do, thank you” – parent of gender diverse child.

Thank you note from the Head Teacher of a SCEGGS.
Thank you note from the students at SCEGGS
Morning Tea after guest speaking along side Sally Rugg during assembly on Wear It Purple Day 2018 at  Sydney Secondary School Blackwattle Bay –  Senior Campus.

“I would like to say what a beautiful impression I got from you as a person and as someone who is selflessly putting themselves in the service of people who are just beginning their journey. This world really, really needs beautiful people like you so please never stop what you are doing.”

Guest Speaking with Christine Forster for ING Bank GALA Network on Wear It Purple Day 2018

“Katherine was the most perfect guide to me as I curated the Museum of Love & Protest for the 40th anniversary of Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in 2018. Katherine knows her community well, in all its diversity, and she was able to advise me in a highly nuanced, collaborative way on everything from language, history and ethics, to the best frocks, wigs and trans men’s Mardi Gras costumes over several decades.

Katherine has the lived experience and historical perspective of being a trans woman for 30 years and understands the important role she can play in this historical moment where trans men, women and gender diverse people are becoming more visible and seeking equality in all aspects of their lives.

Katherine does everything with grace, courage, wit and clarity. I unreservedly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance on how to be an ally to the trans and wider LGBTQI communities.” -Susan Charlton, Exhibition Curator, specialising in artists and archives, communities and cultures

Curator Susan Charlton with Katherine Wolfgramme at Museum of Love and Protest – Forty Years of Mardi Gras – image courtesy of Wentworth Courier.