Katherine Wolfgramme FRSA

Gender Diversity Consultant, Trans Awareness Trainer, Diversity Speaker and Trans Advocate based in Sydney Australia.
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Katherine Wolfgramme FRSA is a nationally recognised Trans Advocate, award winning Gender Diversity Consultant and Trans Awareness Trainer.
Based in Australia, she is a prominent, well respected transgender woman and a beloved member of Sydney’s Gay Community.

Transitioning almost 35 years ago, she created legal precedent in one country and changed language in another. She has been a trans child, a trans youth, a trans adult, and now – a trans elder, brand and community ambassador, role model and community leader.

Over these three decades, there have been great changes for the transgender population in Australia, especially in regard to anti-discrimination and employment equality. As trans people are able to more easily access education, government services, and general employment, much confusion has arisen around pronouns, etiquette and cultural safety.

Based in Sydney New South Wales, Katherine has been engaged both in person and virtually, to consult or present Gender Diversity and Transgender Awareness Training Programs, Educational and Keynote Presentations across the country.

Turning Fear Into Understanding


Through my Trans Awareness Programmes, presentations and consulting I aim to broaden knowledge and help create safe environments within corporations through the education of employers, management, HR departments and key stakeholders.


My vision is to help create a language of greater understanding to help facilitate cultural safety for trans people at work, at school, and in care – To help reduce transphobia towards all transgender people in Australia.

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