My Name is Katherine Wolfgramme, I am a binary transgender woman, and my pronoun is SHE .

I am an award winning  trans advocate  and gender diversity consultant, I am also the official  Ambassador of The Gender Centre,  Wear It Purple Public Officer and Board Member, and contributing writer and columnist for Star Observer.

I was born with gender dysphoria, and in 1990 at the age of 18, I started my transition – this is not unique –  what is unique is that I now wish to share my knowledge and experience to help reduce misunderstanding towards myself and my peers.

It is my vision to help create a language of understanding -so cultural safety can be created for transgender people in areas ranging from primary schools to aged care, from work place environments to customer care.

I do not call myself an activist, or feminist, I prefer to think of myself as an advocate, because I will initiate change if I have to, and I believe in respect, equality and social justice for all genders.

At the age of 23, I changed the law in Fiji. I created precedence by becoming the first transgender woman to legally obtain a female name. It was no easy feat; in 1997 Fiji was a homophobic country still dictated by a military government, but with courage – I was able to create change, not just for myself, but for all Fijian trans people who have came after me.

In 2017, I took legal steps to ensure the prevention of a transphobic slur being used in businesses across Australia, forcing people to acknowledge it was now used as a derogatory word used to debase transwomen – contributing to changing language across Australia.

My community work was recognised in 2019 at the prestigious Australian LGBTI Awards when I won The Inspirational Role Model of the Year Award beating influencers of change  from across Australia.

I transitioned almost thirty years ago,  and I have witnessed great change over that time. As a gender diversity consultant, educator and advisor, this gives me a unique outlook and perspective – a more compassionate, comprehensive and empathetic translation of the transgender experience.

Katherine Wolfgramme.

Would you like to see my service list? Click here: https://www.wolfgramme.com/services/

Australian LGBTI Awards – Inspirational Role Model 2019