Trans Advocate Katherine Wolfgramme Takes on the Fringe Festival

Gender Diversity Consultant, Trans Awareness Trainer, Diversity Speaker and Trans Advocate Katherine Wolfgramme hones in on the Sydney Fringe Festival to present ‘SHE: The Extraordinary Journey of an Ordinary Transgender Woman’ – a personal project that tells the story of her three-decades as a Trans woman.

Why is Observing IDAHOBT on Wednesday May 17 Important?

I have heard on more than one occasion the question “Why is there still a need to observe LGBT dates?” - even occasionally by LGBT people. I presume after marriage equality people think we finally have equality but in actuality we don’t, we exist in a fragile truce where the people who wish to not tolerate LGBT people are forced to remain silent by laws that can be easily overturned in parliament.

Anti-Transgender Fatigue

Anti Transgender Fatigue I am exhausted from all the media surrounding transgender people, I am tired of people who are not transgender taking up the cause to do battle both for and against transgender people, often  people doing more damage than good for the greater transgender population, using the platform as a stage for attention and other agendas.

International Transgender Day of Visibility Still Important in Australia.

March 31 is Transgender Day of Visibility. The last few weeks of intolerance promoted towards transgender people in Australia through ignorance and misinformation shows just how important Transgender Day of Visibility still is.

Farewell Simon Dunn

Grief is the price we pay for love. I have always considered my community, The Sydney Gay Community a large family, some of us feel like we are distantly related and some of us are like close relations , as relationships bloom some of us become like in-laws, and many of us are like immediate nuclear family units, and like with many relatives even when we don’t like each other we still love each other - the community is famously known to be very clannish especially to outsiders and I believe this is why.

Forgiving the Past.

Being born transgender I have found that there is so much to forgive others for, from childhood, adolescence and into adulthood, but sometimes we bury painful things so deep, we often forget about them until the day they come back to haunt us and there is nothing we can do but accept that it happened, be sad and breath again.
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