Anti-Transgender Fatigue

I am exhausted from all the media surrounding transgender people, I am tired of people who are not transgender taking up the cause to do battle both for and against transgender people, often  people doing more damage than good for the greater transgender population, using the platform as a stage for attention and other agendas.

I am exhausted by the misinformation and objectification of people who object to the existence of transgender people, likening us to militant bullies violently trying to bash women in the sporting arena and take over women’s spaces, trying to brainwash children and trying to threaten men’s masculinity and women’s rights.

I am exhausted by misinformation in the media trying to falsely claim the latest gunman in America was a Transgender Woman.

I am exhausted by people trying to claim transgender people are contagious like a disease.

I am exhausted by people trying to label transgender women as pedofiles.

I am exhausted about worrying for transgender women who live away from the safety of the cities and what this new wave of hate can result in for them, bashings, rape, verbals and physical assaults, open discrimination – because before equality this is what transgender women had to put up with daily, I remember those dark days because I too was a victim of those horrors of the past, and I assure you, it was horrific.

And most of all I am exhausted worrying about transgender children and transgender youth at school being targeted by this new wave of volatile vitriol toward a very fragile and vulnerable minority within the Australian population.

The visibility and rights of transgender population was erased from history for over a millennia and now people are trying to erase our visibility once again, and it exhausts me.

Often after watching or reading something anti transgender in the media I stop and suddenly cry, my grief is exhausting, my worry is exhausting and my stress is exhausting. I am EXHAUSTED.

I ask if any of you reading this blog  know or  work with transgender people to consider our community stress and community fatigue at this time, this is a terrible time for all transgender people, parents of transgender children, families and friends of transgender people and try to consider us with the grace of understanding and kindness at this difficult time.

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