Simon Dunn

Farewell Simon Dunn

Grief is the price we pay for love.

I have always considered my community, The Sydney Gay Community a large family, some of us feel like we are distantly related and some of us are like close relations , as relationships bloom some of us become like in-laws, and many of us are like immediate nuclear family units, and like with many relatives even when we don’t like each other we still love each other – the community is famously known to be very clannish especially to outsiders and I believe this is why.

So when someone within the family passes away, we feel a sense of loss and a sense of grief according to our close or distant relationship.

This weekend I feel like a beloved relative, a favourite nephew has passed away, and I feel heavy loss and I feel a deep grief.

I feel injustice that such a a good human being with a beautiful soul was taken from us unintentionally and so young, it is such a great waste of human equity and potential, his goodness touched so many hearts in so many different ways.

I loved to tease him with affection, it was because I loved him and I adored his beautiful honest heart.

We were not the closest of friends because we only met in the last couple of years, but I loved him like a relation as if I had known him his whole life, like a relative I had a soft spot for, it is difficult to explain because I am still exploring and processing this grief I am feeling and sense of loss.

I don’t measure friendships by depth or by standard, I love all my friends the same way and value all friends equally, deeply and with love. Because we are family.

So it is with love and with grief and with gratitude that I write this farewell.

As you prepare to make your final journey to the stars, we prepare to say goodbye to you, I thank you for being pure of heart, kind and generous, and as you take your final sleep I pray you rest eternally in peace surrounded by the light and the love of the universe.

Good Night Handsome Prince. Vale Simon Dunn

Simon Dunn, community leader and beloved member of The Sydney Gay Community
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