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The Unsung Heroes of Marriage Equality by Sally Rugg for Junkee

Trans Day of Remembrance by Katherine Wolfgramme for Star Observer

Sydney Secondary College, Black Wattle Bay Campus – Wear It Purple Day 2018

Town to be painted on Wear It Purple Day – Hepburn Advocate

Trans Employment Equality Campaign by Nandos

Interview promoting Trans Sydney Pride now known as Trans Pride Australia’s very first event as Secretary with Peta Friend.

Video about the inaugural Trans Day of Remembrance Candlelight Vigil at Taylor Square which I initiated and organised for Trans Sydney Pride and The Transgender Community of Sydney. November 20, 2016.


How to Respect Trans People in the Workplace by Katherine Wolfgramme for Luxe Magazine

Promotion for Queer Thinking, Mardi Gras 2018

ABC interview for new Trans Event in Sydney

Curator Susan Charlton with Katherine Wolfgramme at Museum of Love and Protest – image courtesy of Wentworth Courier.

Daily Telegraph Interview about Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras’ – Museum of Love and Protest

My Public Invitation to the Inaugural Candlelight Vigil at Taylor Square

My legal action against a transphobic slur

Article about my appearance in a marriage equality campaign video

Quote about Israel Folau in The Daily Telegraph

My first year producing Trans Day of Remembrance Candlight Vigil in 2016

The Daily Telegraph – My legal action against a transphobic slur

First article, announcing TSP’s arrival – curtesy SX Magazine

Marriage Equality Campaign Music Video by Greg Gould

 Planet Transgender interview about my legal action against the use of a transphobic slur.

Trans Stories – A Celebration 2017

Putting The Team In LGBTI – a piece written by me the author, for Sydney Star Observer

Putting the Team in LGBTI – Article written by me for Sydney Star Observer

Trans Employment Equality Campaign sponsored by Nandos for Mardi Gras 2017

Interview in The Hepburn Advocate 2016

Trans Stories 2017

Finding the T in the Alphabet Soup – article written by me for Star Obersver

Interview in the Hepburn Advocate
Australian LGBTI Awards – Inspirational Role Model of the Year 2019
Star Observer Article
Inspirational Role Model of the Year