Filming “Stand Up, Stand Out”, official video for Wear It Purple Day 2019.

Even though I have stepped down as Board Member and Public Officer of the Wear It Purple Board, I am still a part of the Wear It Purple Family, I had a really beautiful experience today, and I feel very blessed for it.

I participated in a short film about inter-generations, my portion was a conversation with a young man called Billee who transitioned a year ago..I transitioned 10 years before he was born, and through gentle conversation we learned so much about each other.

I often worry about the future of the Trans Community because of a very angry and vocal and dominant Trotsky inspired queer identifying minority, who I even question are actually transgender.

Transgender people according to the World Health Organisation do not have mental health illness, but the madness and insanity this vocal minority is trying to indoctrinate as Trans has connotations of Dissociative Personality Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) – I also believe this vocal minority are trying to use the Transgender platform for their own agenda, which is embedded in an extreme left political ideology that is more queer theory, and this is definitely not Trans.

But meeting Billee and chatting with him reminded me of my duty to protect trans youth and trans children because true transgender people are peaceful and beautiful souls, and once transitioned are at peace.

I looked into Billee’s beautiful young face, and I saw peace and love and a beautiful spirit.

If the Transgender Community is led by good people like Billee in the future, then the future of the Transgender Community will be ok.

The film is a collaboration by Facebook, Instagram, Junkee Media and Wear It Purple.

“Stand Up, Stand Out” will be released next week for Wear It Purple Day.

Trans Elder and Transgender Advocate Katherine Wolfgramme with Billee Ward for Wear It Purple 2019 Campaign “Stand Up, Stand Out”
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