Gareth Sansom

Gender Euphoria, a fascination with my own reflection.

I have always been fascinated by my own reflection,  I do not believe it is because  I am vain, I believe it is because I transitioned into a woman and during that journey I struggled so hard, and  I fought so hard to achieve my goal that I celebrate that now by cataloguing my evolution from the very beginning going now into aging.

You could say my Gender Dysphoria has become Gender Euphoria!

Many artists have tried to capture a part of me over the years, which has always thrilled and flattered me.

I wanted to share some portraits of me from over the years in different mediums and styles, there are more I may share at a later date.

I enjoy the process of sitting for a portrait, and I find what other people see in me so different to what I see in myself – and that can be very interesting.

Here are a few portraits by artists over the decades.

First painting I ever featured in was by former Head of Victorian College of the Arts and Artist Gareth Sansom, which featured in his retrospective in 1991 at National gallery of Victoria.
1999 photographic portrait Katherine Wolfgramme by Cameron Muir for the cover of the Christmas 1999/New Year 2000 Capital Q Magazine Cover.
Katherine Wolfgramme. Photograph by Toby Black, Perth 2005
Katherine Wolfgramme Header for column Tea With Miss Katherine in OUTinPerth Magazine 2007 – Image curtesy of William Ainger
Katherine Wolfgramme Photograph curtesy of Club West 2008
Katherine Wolfgramme. Daylesford 2012
Katherine Wolfgramme. Pastel by Peter Kirk, Daylesford 2014

Katherine Wolfgramme is the “E” in  the Creating Equality Campaign for the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 2017, Launch November 2016.
Katherine Wolfgramme. Photograph by Brenton Parry – Image curtesy of Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras
Katherine Wolfgramme by Ces Busby – image curtesy SX Magazine for Gay News Network
Katherine Wolfgramme is the Fiji Mermaid – Untouched photograph by artist Yiorgos Zefirou 2018

Yiorgos Zefirou and I collaborated on a series of photgraphic portraits in the Grotesque Style in 2018, I enjoyed the process immensely.

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