My Love Affair With Camilla

I have had many lover affairs in my lifetime, but my greatest and longest love affair has been with Camilla, it began around 2003 with a beautiful green kaftan, hand sewn and hand beaded with delicate stitches it was emerald green and I would float around in it at home when entertaining.

I rekindled my love affair about six years ago when I decided it was time to move my wardrobe from dresses to kaftans and in that time my love affair has become a passion.

I love my kaftans, and they have grown into quite a beautiful collection. You could say I’m rather potty for Camilla.

I consider Mardi Gras to be my Gay Christmas, it is a time I wear my very best and with love wish everyone in my community a Happy Mardi Gras, it is also the time the planets align and reward me for being a good girl over the last 12 months, a rather karmic affair you could say.

The planets aligned this year and gave me something so wonderful I could just pee my pants. As of yesterday I will be dressed by Camilla for events and I now have access to their very best kaftans including their highly coveted limited edition prints.

This is a dream come true.

And I’m beginning my exciting new adventure tomorrow at the Mardi Gras Brunch, an amazing kaftan was selected for me to wear which was pulled from their archive collection. The head of PR instructed “Katherine is a Queen and we must dress her in the best”. I will also be wearing something truly fabulous on Mardi Gras night, so special I decided last minute to join the parade on the 4th float before I ascend to the stand. I am still quite stunned but I am also on cloud nine and I am very grateful to Camilla Australia and the celestial Kaftan Gods and the sparkling planets that have aligned so I could have this amazing experience.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Some highlights in a selection of my Camilla kaftan collection.
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