The Trans Pride Flag

A lesson to live by.

I love the trans flag, when I see it flying, it touches me, because it represents my identity. It instills in me a sense of trans history.  When I look at the flag, I think of all the other generations of transgender men and women who struggled and fought, and died so that one day, I could enjoy an unprecedented level of human rights that trans people in Australia enjoy today – and it really does fill me with PRIDE.

The Trans Pride Flag,

The Trans Flag flies especially on special occasions on the transgender calendar, it is particularly prominent on the Transgender Day of Remembrance aka TDoR. This is a sacred day for most trans communities internationally, where we a acknowledge  trans people around the world who have been murdered, I personally also acknowledge those who have died from suicide and substance abuse- because in a way, the path that led them there was their reaction to transphobia and their experience of life on the margins.  Trans people don’t begin transition as drug addicts, but many trans people become substance abusers because of the way they  have been treated by society – and this is sad.

There are lists of transgender murders posted annually online online, here is one:


I think wiki explains the flag’s history better than I ever could so here is the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgender_flags

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