What does IDAHOBIT mean to me?

I believe IDAHOBIT aka International Day Against Homophobia Biphobia Inter-sexism and Transphobia is an important day to bring into focus the phobias and discriminations the LGBTI populations still face today.

Australia has just had a federal election, phobias are one of the campaign tools conservative parties use to scare people into voting for them mainly using transgender children and gay children the main focus to scare parents whose children are at school, this is a perfect example of phobias being used against our community.

Another example was the Marriage Equality Campaign – it was a time our whole community, including youth and children were held up to age old discriminations and phobias during the campaign, causing most of the LGBTI population to suffer minority stress.

To understand how to conquer phobias against the LGBTI Community we must look at the word phobia, phobia means fear, fear comes from things we do not understand, so to help people understand we must educate- to break down the fears around their phobias.

IDAHOBIT is a day when those that can, come forward to educate those who might not understand in the hope of breaking down fears towards the LGBTI Community.

I was honoured to speak at four IDAHOBIT Events, Ashurst, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Clifford Chance and Qantas.

Ashurst is one of the “Big Six” law firms in Australia and ranks 25 globally, it was a pleasure to sit on a panel with people who are creating change and continue to break down barriers for LGBTI people in Australia at The Ashurst IDAHOBIT Breakfast.

At lunch I was guest speaker at The Bank of America Merrill Lynch IDAHOBIT Lunch. Bank of America is America’s preeminent Financial Institution and is one of the leading banks of the world.

I delivered my Trans Awareness Programme that was streamed live to their 12 Head Offices in the APEC region including China, Taiwan, Singapore and Tokyo finishing with an internationally interactive Q&A. I believe this is how true change occurs and I look forward to creating greater understanding internationally in the future.

Bank of America Merril Lynch

In the afternoon I had the pleasure of speaking at Clifford Chance, Clifford Chance one of the “Big Six” law firms in Australia and ranks number 10 Globally.

I spoke about my experiences accessing legal services in the last 30 years since my transition, and the impacts and positive change pro bono work can have on minority communities, and also legal issues still facing the Transgender Population in Australia.

On the following Monday I had the pleasure of Speaking at Qantas’ Head Quarters for their IDAHOBIT Event, Qantas is Australia’s Flagship Airline ahead of their exciting new trans policy changes which will help support trans employees in the work place.

A wise person once said to me “just by existing do we create change”, and never more so do I believe this to be true, I am now fortunate to be in a position to help create change for my community for generations to come.

I end this post the same way I ended every event on IDAHOBIT, by saying:

Be Kind, Be Kind to All Humans, Not Just Some Humans.

Katherine Wolfgramme
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